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The Studio

Noritamy is a label of handcrafted jewelry and accessories inspired by art, architecture and sculpture.
Noritamy brings about the modern in a classic way. The collections reflect on the eternal debate between these two trades, with dramatic, finessed pieces.
Though sounding Japanese, Noritamy is actually the combined names of the designer duo Nori + Tamy.

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The Sefira ring. 11 diamonds.14K gold.Your secret power centers . Available in white rose and yellow gold . Hidden Sparx @noritamyhiddensparx ...

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The chain choker. Still life shot by @tinovaccaphotography @elinor_avni #noritamy ...

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@olesyakuba 🔥 ...

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Half & Half ...

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Medium chain ring. Still life by @tinovaccaphotography ...

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The Noritamy way of @converse ...

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My schedule is sometimes so hectic between the studio, travel, family, sport (which is a huge part of my life). I want to wear clothes that fit all day. Shifting from one activity to another with minor changes. Introducing a collection I designed for @razili_fashion ( but it’s actually for me 😉 ). Mix it anyway you like to create your own look, with the help of basics that most of us already have in our wardrobe. I am thrilled for the opportunity. @razili_fashion X @noritamy. Launching tomorrow! ...

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@noritamyhiddensparx wear your power. DM for orders. ...

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Hand made chain necklace dipped in 24K gold. Link to shop in bio. ...

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Something connective wakes, deeper than the eye can see. Hidden flowing sparks powering our systems. The female body and soul unify in energy. New campaign for a beautiful new collection in collaboration with @threadnotbare. Timeless empowering jewelry 14K gold and diamonds. Follow @noritamyhiddensparx for more details. XX ...

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Bismuth was first shown to be a distinct element in 1753. The largest deposits of bismuth are found in Bolivia, although bismuth is usually obtained as a by-product of mining and refining lead, copper, tin, silver and gold. Pure bismuth is a white, brittle metal with a slight pink color.

Our creative director @elinor_avni stumbled upon the bismuth element in one of her inspirational trips. It was then developed to a beautiful collection of ear cuffs earrings rings bracelets and necklaces. Find it on our website. Link in bio

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Sephira Sparx.
Ancient mystical tradition speaks of a shape in space and time that holds the secrets to ultimate euphoria, inner harmony and true balance in your life.
The Sephira symbol is known to bring awareness and light to your energetic senses. Follow the collection here 👉🏼@noritamyhiddensparx DM for orders. #14k #gold #diamonds #noritamyhiddensparx

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Lines hoop earrings. #noritamy #jewelry #fashion #accessories #style #design #art ...

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The braided chocker is now available online. ( link in bio ) 🖤 ...

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Bismuth hoops by #Noritamy. Checkout our online store ( link in bio ) we ship worldwide ...

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