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The Studio

Noritamy is a label of handcrafted jewelry and accessories inspired by art, architecture and sculpture.
Noritamy brings about the modern in a classic way. The collections reflect on the eternal debate between these two trades, with dramatic, finessed pieces.
Though sounding Japanese, Noritamy is actually the combined names of the designer duo Nori + Tamy.

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The chain ear cuff. Ss Editorial. @natashazeriker @zerikerpro @elinor_avni ...

27 5

Hoop and chain earrings . Ss campaign by @natashazeriker @zerikerpro @elinor_avni (link to shop in bio ) ...

20 1

Large chain A-symmetrical earrings. Ss campaign by @natashazeriker @zerikerpro @elinor_avni ...

19 1

Snake ring. Spring campaign by @natashazeriker @zerikerpro @elinor_avni ...

31 1

New pieces online ...

16 0

The snake ring. Spring campaign by @natashazeriker @zerikerpro @elinor_avni ...

12 3

A symmetrical chain earrings. Spring campaign by @natashazeriker @zerikerpro @elinor_avni. Link to shop in bio ...

27 1

A symmetrical chain earrings. New spring campaign by @natashazeriker @zerikerpro @elinor_avni ...

14 1

Chain bangle. Spring campaign by @natashazeriker @zerikerpro @elinor_avni ...

34 2

The Links ring. Available in yellow gold finish or silver tone. Spring campaign by @natashazeriker @zerikerpro @elinor_avni ...

31 0

Spring campaign by @natashazeriker @zerikerpro @elinor_avni ...

15 0

Chains collection. Campaign by @natashazeriker @zerikerpro @elinor_avni link to collection in bio. ⛓ ...

137 11

The flexible chain rings. Campaign by @natashazeriker @zerikerpro @elinor_avni link to shop in bio. ...

26 0

Chains bracelet and necklace. New campaign by @natashazeriker @zerikerpro @elinor_avni ...

25 0

Small chains bracelets. Our collection will be displayed during Paris fashion week @cube_n10_showroom. 3-8 of March. For more details and buyers appointments DM @philippe_cube_showroom @__lauren.cube.showroom ...

28 0

Chains choker. New campaign by @natashazeriker @zerikerpro Creative director @elinor_avni ...

41 1

Chains a symmetrical earrings. Campaign art and photography by @natashazeriker @zerikerpro PH assistant @navonitzik creative direction @elinor_avni ...

69 2

Creative director @elinor_avni for @noritamy by @natashazeriker @zerikerpro ...

71 7

✨ bling ✨ Chains collection. A new campaign by @natashazeriker @zerikerpro with @elinor_avni for @noritamy. MU @threadnotbare ph assistant @navonitzik ...

34 1
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