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Noritamy is a label that creates handcrafted jewelry and accessories, drawing inspiration from the realms of art, architecture, and sculpture. This unique blend brings a modern twist to classic designs, with collections that embody the eternal debate between these two trades, resulting in dramatic and refined pieces. Despite its Japanese-sounding name, Noritamy is the creative fusion of two talented designers, Nori and Tami. Nori, a former trained interior architect, and Tami, an artist with a background in jewelry making, synergize their knowledge and experience to create timeless luxury pieces with a contemporary and feminine flair. The brand originally launched in the Middle East but rapidly gained global recognition after participating in LFW designer showrooms. Over the past 5 years, Nori has taken sole ownership of the brand, expanding its reach into consulting, fashion design, and the creation of art pieces.

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🤚🏼a ring for each finger. Come try on our jewelry and visit our beautiful studio for a special Sale event. Friday the 19th of April 2024. 10-17. 63 Israel Ashkenazy street TLV ...

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Spring collection.Inspired by tree branches and flowers in bloom. Studio launch event and past seasons Sale coming up in two weeks. Friday April 19th. 10-17 ...

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Introducing our handcrafted “Good Eye” bracelet,designed and crafted to bring you luck and good vibes wherever you go. At its heart lies our signature oval link, handmade and set with a dazzling white or black Swarovski stone, radiating brilliance and positive energy.

The bracelet wraps around your arm with a gold-filled chain and clasp, symbolising strength and resilience, while threads of red, black, or brown add a pop of color and character.

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Part of Hidden sparks 14K collection, the interlock X necklace powerfully connects your central four energy centers to mother nature’s four elements. For a more grounded empowered and feminine you.
This gold x necklace is set with 4 diamonds and is available is yellow white and rose gold. Explore our sparks collection at our online store.

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Last night at the Oscars. @malinamoye wearing our golden bismuth cuff. 🤩 styled by @styledbyclaudia_ 🫶 ...

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Mixing silver and gold bracelets: the art of stacking delicate and bold pieces for a statement look that upgrades your style and enhances your persona effortlessly. #StyleElegance” #noritamylove #noritamy #jewelry ...

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X 14K ring.The good eye bracelet. Gourmet finger bracelet. Chain finger bracelet. ❤️. Hand Made. Interlocked with #NORITAMYLOVE. Link to shop in bio. ...

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Rugged Rings. Dipped in a heavy layer of 24K gold. Perfectly imperfect. #ring #jewelry #noritamy #handmade ...

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A. Combine the 2 necklaces using the Carabiner clasp. B. Layer them separately C. Connect the two for a long necklace 👉🏼 easy as 1/2/3 ...

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Use the Carabiner clasp to combine 2 necklaces any way you like 👉🏼 ...

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Meanwhile In China… Half heart earring and oval 3 finger ring. ...

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The days at the studio when we design new collections feel like magic @elinor_avni 💫 #work #love #design #magic #blessed #manifestation #creative #creativity ...

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BTS of our last photoshoot @gal105 wears our gourmet ear cuff and links earring with a touch of the stone stud. Checkout our earring category. It’s all hand made and coated in a heavy layer of 24K gold. Get 15% off using 15OFF at checkout🤍 (*most pieces, excluding full gold and diamonds) ...

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