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Hidden SparX by NORITAMY

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Freedom Between The Lines.
  Something connective wakes, deeper than the eye can see.
Hidden flowing sparks powering our systems.
The female body and soul unify in energy.
Your secret power centers, resonate in diamonds.
Interconnecting 14k gold chains caress your curves, shield and nurture your radiance
Wear your power, connect to your inner beauty and strength.
Find your freedom between the lines.
Celebrating 10 years of great friendship and success in the industry,
Elinor Avni (Nori) of Noritamy joins collaborative energies with Anna Cohen, life coach, author and healer to bring you the HIDDEN SPARKS collection.
Timeless, empowering body jewelry for every woman.
A percentage of proceeds from your purchase will benefit the female charity and social enterprise we feel passionately towards, Kite Pride who provides vocational training, jobs and support to those who’s freedom of body and soul was endangered and has now been restored.

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